Utilising the latest technology we can deliver high capacity and highly customised perforating solutions.



Perforated Metal

High quality, high capacity perforated metal, requires machinery, technology, and in-house expertise to match.  We have sourced high quality Japanese machinery, to ensure we can provide consistently precise perforated metal sheet.

All perforated metal panels are processed on premises.  We do not subcontract.  The investment in our own perforating capacity provides us with control over our production.  This means we are able to manage our project schedule with greater certainly as we are not subject to external delays outside of our control – a common problem with outsourcing.

Our versatility and capability has enabled us to undertake numerous projects from perforated aluminium sheet, perforated stainless steel, perforated steel sheet, brass and copper.  Whether using our standard perforating patterns, or working with us to develop a custom design which meets your requirements – virtually any design is possible.

We have undertaken projects such as perforated metal screens for balconies, and perforated wall panels which provide artistic as well as functional purpose.  We have also delivered architecturally designed perforated entrance canopy screens, and stainless steel mesh sheet to cover ventilation equipment and plantrooms.  Projects have also included pic-perf designs with your choice of image to display on a perforated screen, which could be as large as the side of a building, or as small as a perforated steel panel on a gate.



    One of the most versatile materials is aluminium perforated sheet.  Its versatility as a corrosion resistant metal means that it can be used in locations where perforated steel could be problematic.  We have installed similar perforated screens on shopping centre facades close to the coast with great success.

    We have also been involved in projects with industrial applications, having installed stainless steel perforated sheet into a highly caustic industrial environment.  Again, advising our client on the correct selection of material and design, ensured the perforated stainless steel plate we installed exceeded the requirements of the client.

    With the ability to process sheet 1500mm wide x 3300 long remotely 24 hours a day, we are well placed to deliver high volume perforating projects.

    We carry a large library of tools, so have the ability to create sophisticated shapes and virtually unlimited perforating patterns.

    We have some of the best perforating technology in Australia are well equipped to assist with your perforating project, however sophisticated.