3D design, CNC Punching & Bending

You can not expect to deliver consistency and high quality, if you don’t have the technology, equipment and processes to match.  

Star Metal has invested in the latest machinery, equipment and 3D design software.  This ensures consistent precision, and confidence in the final outcome. In conjunction with a capable and experienced team - we offer a high quality and customised service.

Our recently commissioned turret punch and load/unload tower has one of the largest sheet handling capacities in Australia, 

  • sheet sizes of 1500 wide x 3300

  • mild steel, stainless, aluminium, brass

  • auto load/unload means 24 hour operation - high volume capacity

  • high precision

Capable of punching virtually any shape or pattern, we have successfully delivered a diversity of sophisticated perforation projects.

Our CNC press brakes bend to fine tolerances, which in combination with our 3D design software, ensures our customers will deliver a consistent and high quality outcome.