Case Studies


With extensive fabrication and installation experience on very diverse projects, we regularly advise builders on alternative solutions which may involve different products, alternative fixing solutions, or entirely different concepts which achieve the objectives of the end customer.  We work closely with artists and architects consulting on practical ways to manufacture and install their designs.

Please view some case studies below:



Client – Jaxon

Project - Crown Meridian Room (Sept 2016)  – 6mm aluminium perforated first floor walkway “spider-web mesh” screens and ground floor “spider-web mesh” garden trellis.

With a compressed timeline and imminent handover to end client, we were able to offer an alternative to the higher cost and longer lead time of laser cutting, and successfully deliver punched/perforated screens in a short lead time.  

Using the latest 3D design software in-house we drew the final design based on information provided by the architect, fabricated and successfully installed the project within a tight timeframe and budget.  



Client- Pact

Project - Fringe apartments (Mar 2017) – Architectural entrance canopy.

Initial typical detail for the entrance canopy specified edge-on-edge flat bar.  This was a very high cost option, and so the client sought an alternative design.  Consulting with our client we offered a cost effective perforated aluminium solution, and installation methodology.  The end result achieved a significant reduction in cost whilst delivering a visually striking entrance canopy design.



Client – Metrowest

Project – iFly Indoor Skydiving(Dec 2016) – feature balustrade.

The original architectural detail for the feature external balustrade facade was a precast concrete faced staircase.  With a compressed timeframe, and client desire to reduce cost, we were asked to present an alternative design.  We offered a perforated aluminium design, which achieved the architects design objectives, achieved significant cost savings, and was delivered in an extremely short time.



Client – Pact Construction

Project – Fringe apartments (Mar 2017) – Glass balustrade.

The original architectural details specified a semi framed aluminium and glass balustrade, however the client was seeking an alternative system to overcome significant lead-time issues.  We discussed a number of options with the client and ultimately offered an engineered frameless solution, which enabled fast-tracked installation.



Client – Badge

Project – Rockingham Shopping centre (Mar 2016) – design of light pendants

Outside the scope of our original metalwork package, our client sought design options for lighting shroud pendants which matched the external perforated façade we had already completed.  Providing a 3D representation we were able to demonstrate and ultimately deliver an attractive anodised aluminium perforated pendant solution.



Client – Pact Construction

Project Momentum Apartments (Mar 2017) – 6 story high artistic feature wall.

A major architectural feature proposed a timber feature wall and perforated aluminium. Aside from being very costly for an architectural feature, this custom made modified timber profile (ex-east coast) required an unacceptably long lead time.  In assessing a number of options we proposed, the client ultimately chose a custom designed aluminium RHS fin profile, combined with a pic-perf design.  This achieved significantly reduced cost and short lead time.